Washington State Internet Malls


WSIM was established to help local businesses to advertise and promote their products to the increasing number of local Internet subscribers.

The key word is "local". By local we mean businesses in a county, advertising to the Internet "Public" in the same county.

Home Page Programming

WSIM creates a Home Page for your business. A Home Page describes who you are, where you are, and what you offer in your business. When completed, your home page is added to our Internet Mall, in the county you are located and referenced by the type of business you have.

Coupon Page

In addition we can provide a "Coupon Page" for a "special" that you choose to offer to the Internet subscribers. This coupon can be printed and presented to your business.

Promote Your Business

Our goal is to reach the general public and show them that a local Internet Mall is available and get them to take a look.

For sales and advertising information please e-mail: wsim@wsim.com

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